Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ARCH1142 rotation3 workshop1

1. First in class task - plan, elevation and section of a cup 2. Plan, section and 3d perspective drawing of my room.

3. Second in class task - drawing in 2 point perspective and rendering on it

4. First drafts of 1point, 2point pespective drawing

5. Final 1point, 2point perspective drawings including rendering

6. Drawing only with rendering (no straight lines used)

7. 3D pespective of the Rose Seidler House (assuming the building is located on the campus)

8. Final submission for the Rose Seidler House drawings - Since I wanted to keep all the informations clear in the drawings, I made the drawings simple.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCH1142 rotation2 workshop4

1. In class task - the combination of the simple box shaped buildings in different materials.

2. Balsa model of the "Church of Light"

3. In class task 2 - I was given a section to create 3 different buildings. They all have the same section but look totally different.

4. Site model of the Fisher house by Louis Kahn

5. 1 to 50 model of the Fisher house

The last picture shows how the model can be decomposed to show the interior spaces.

ARCH1142 rotation1 workshop3

1. Drawings
2. Model with white mountboard only after reading the article "The Fold: -Leibniz and the baroque" by Gilles Deleuze
From the article "The Fold" I captured one phrase that really touched me.
"Matter is folded twice, once under elastic forces, a second time under plastic forces, but one is not able to move from the first to the second."
I made a simple box-shaped building and tried to fold it so that spaces will be divided and cannot travel across each other.

3. 2D collage - my experience in the city

When I first came to Australia, I was shocked with the view of the city: huge park with numerous number of exotic plants right in the middle of the CBD; singing birds next to singing people; and the harmony of old and new buildings. They were the things that caught my sight.
Therefore I made my collage to express my shocked experience of the city.

4. 3D aspect - The models are to allude the transition of the architecture from the simple box shaped to the complex buildings. The bridge in the middle of the model is connecting these two different types of architecture.

5. Collage - Deconstruction
Since my theme was deconstruction and the collage was about my experience throughout the course, I actually deconstructed my previous collage to use as background. The collage also expresses my feeling of confusion in the course. That is why all those photos are messed around.

6. Final balsa model extended from the collage
Since the theme was 'deconstruction' I did not use any glue to stick each other together. As an architect I really think the buildings should be easy to deconstruct. Also I broke my balsa model to express the deconstructional forces and its unstable status.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Helen Keller's elevator : Up- 'P' Down- 'O'
Miranda Kerr's elevator : Up- 'J' Down- 'K'

Google warehouse

Bridge -

Dining table& elevators -

Final submission - EXP3

1. The overview of the bridge just before sunset 2. Bridge in the middle of the valley
3. Meeting place
The dining table is only supported by narrow and thin cylinder (leg for the table).
Its balanced shape implies that the word 'POWER' must be balanced as well.

4. View from Miranda Kerr's studio side
Her studio is closed by walls to keep her privacy.
5. The left end of the bridge is where Helen Keller's studio is. Since she has difficulty moving around, there is no stairs to the studio. Also, the transparent glasses surrounding the studio implies her purity and innocence.

Landform - Yosemite